When I was new to the world of blogging/ web development/ coding/ programming/ etc., I had no idea that Hello World actually meant something outside of the WordPress platform. I assumed the devs (developers) at WordPress were being whimsical by giving every auto-generated first post the title “Hello World.”


Actually… Hello World is the first program you write in any new language. It’s sort of ubiquitous like saying, “Testing, one, two, three,” into a microphone. When testing out a programming language, you write a tiny program that merely prints out the words “Hello world.” So picture me and my braces (at age 28, btw) sitting in my Java I lab writing Hello World in the Java language.



The dark panel on the left is Terminal, Mac’s version of an app-type commonly referred to as the command line, or console, or, less-frequently, shell script editorThe panel on the right is Atom, a text editor for writing programs. To run a java program, you have to save the .java file somewhere on your computer, open Terminal, navigate to that file, compile it, and run it.


REAL LIFE NOTE:  These tasks sound simple, and they are — I promise once you know what you’re doing, they really are — but for a first-timer, simply being told to log in to a new computer can be daunting. Trust me, I’ve been the student, and I’ve been the teacher in the comp sci department at my university. I can’t recall exactly, but it’s very possible that our first 50 min lab consisted of simply creating and running HelloWorld.java.


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  • Thank you! Yes, I did ponder the significance of Hello World. Every time I saw it I felt like a freshly hatched baby bird.