Hey, I’m Shyla.


Welcome to my awesome blog. Currently I’m working on my masters thesis and musing on my experience as a CS student.


Computer science is an interesting and enjoyable field, because there’s always more to learn. In fact it’s hard to be bored, because technology is always changing! Unfortunately, what makes CS stimulating long-term is also what makes it so intimidating for people who are just getting started. With so many different frameworks, languages, architectures and operating systems, where do you even begin?


The fact is CS fundamentals don’t change. Universities are great places to learn these basic concepts, because they are somewhat language-agnostic and free of the marketing hype employed by online schools and bootcamps. Job interviewers usually focus on these fundamentals, because this knowledge effectively separates competent programmers from casual coders. The fundamentals aren’t necessarily hard to learn, but they can be very difficult to explain.


I recall struggling to understand some of the relatively simple CS concepts. Textbook explanations can be very abstract, and most of the popular analogies weren’t particularly helpful for me. I often had to consult several sources and create my own analogies for things to make sense.


I’ve become addicted to the feeling I get when things finally click, but during the struggle I always wish there was someone who “spoke my language.” My learning curve felt so inefficient. This blog is a place for me to share some tips, tricks and resources that may prove useful to some struggling programmers.


Welcome and enjoy. 🙂